Buddy – Decentralized Development Automation Platform

July 31, 2018 - Review and Contest
Buddy – Decentralized Development Automation Platform

The problem with current technology

The advancement of technology is a double edged sword. Machines and computers are solving lots of difficult problems in several milliseconds to make the user’s life better. However, this means it also requires a lot of time and efforts in building a software or an app. After the development, the software needs to be tested for any kind of bugs. After it is bug-free the software will need to be deployed to users. This may require another challenge as different users will have different skill sets and different platform.

With the birth of cryptocurrencies and decentralization world, the scale of creating and maintaining a software is growing exponentially. Instead of maintaining one server where if there’s a problem arises, the developer could just fix that one server, with the decentralized technology, the developer needs to be able to push the fix to multiple targets, balancing and maintaining the whole decentralized network.

The good news is there’s a solution for those problems. Developers can use Buddy.

What is Buddy

Buddy is a decentralized development automation platform. As stated on the website…
> Buddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps.
With Buddy, developers will have a platform that will help them automate a lot of development aspects of a decentralized application. Buddy provides all the tools needed for the development stage, bug testing stage, until the deployment stage. Truly from start to end.

How does Buddy solves all these problems? By providing DevOps Marketplace, Private Automation Grid, and Shared Automation Grid. Buddy also provides BlockchainOps, dAppOps, and DistributedBaas

DevOps Marketplace

In simple term, DevOps Marketplace is a marketplace of scripts. Consider it as a combination of StackExchange with Google’s Play Store or Apple Store. Developers can browse and buy ready to use and “battle tested” scripts to accelerate the development process. Some scripts are provided by Buddy, while the bulk of them would be from other developers sharing or selling the codes. Of course, some of the codes/scripts are free and some are not.

To bring this to another level, Buddy implemented a rating and curation system. Each code or script is rated by quality, performance, and security. The curation initiative is provided by Buddy to prevent plagiarism as with any kind of intellectual properties, codes and scripts are prone to plagiarism.

BlockchainOps, dAppOps, and DistributedBaas

Even with the help of the DevOps Marketplace, combining several pieces of scripts into a fully working application is still a laborious process. Contrary to the common sense, combining multiple scripts into a fully working application is way a lot harder than building a Lego. Each part needs to be able to interact and work flawlessly in transferring data or process. While creating an application there will always be repetitive tasks.

Buddy helps developers by providing BlockchainOps, dAppOps, and DistributedBaas technologies. In simple term, these technologies are the automatic robots. They help with boring and repetitive tasks in building an application. In an analogy of building a house, these technologies will help in building the correct set of platform, foundation, and frame of the house, leaving the interior design to us to innovate.

Private Automation Grid

This is the sandbox, the localhost, the emulator, the intranet, the before alpha release, the private testing space for developers. Each instances is called as Grid. Instead of directly launching a buggy application, developers will have a private sandbox space to test and emulate the application as if it is released for the public. Developers could also have multiple and unlimited Grids and have those Grids to remain forever. This way, developer could mix and match pieces of scripts and patches to gain the best quality result and performance.

Shared Automation Grid

Shared Automation Grid helps with the deployment of the application. As the name suggested, Shared Automation Grid will help the deployment to a decentralized network. This will enable a truly functioning load balancing for each application. As each applications works differently and requires different resources, Buddy is implementing a compute unit system. Similar to the current cloud hosting technologies such as Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform, resource hungry application will use more compute unit compared to other applications. To deploy the application, the developer will only need to pay the used computed unit.

In the whitepaper, one compute unit is counted as 2 vCPUs, 2GB of RAM and 4GB of SSD storage. This one compute unit will be transactable between developers to resource provider using BUD token.

BUD token and economy

Beside being used in the Shared Automation Grid technology, the BUD token will be used for every transactions inside the Buddy’s economy. Yes, that includes the buying and selling of scripts. The BUD token is an Ethereum based token, however, as Buddy is helping the automation of smart contracts and dApps, it can also be used by EOS. You can read the Medium’s article here:
[A Medium Article Explaining DevOps & EOSIO Smart Contract Integration](

Buddy is already used by around 70,000 developers world wide. The partnership with respected parties such as Microsoft, Google, and GitHub is also already established as Buddy was established at 2015.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the BUD token movement. As developers you can use Buddy to help you automate your application development. You can also sell parts of your tested scripts to gain additional income. As resource provider, you can rent resources for the applications and gain money. As an investor, BUD token and its economy will be a good investment as it has a real world application and usage.

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